Das Tal First Day

Galfurion a posted 2 hours ago

So we went into DaS Tal with nothing .. almost no clue ... Exile and LOD both the two strongest clans making a name for themselfs... So it was only fair we got involved.. There were 3 Holdings to take.. and one left so we made the goal to take that whilst Exile was busy sieging LOD.  Mission complete .. exile had sadly failed against LOD but as LoD stood strong. The few remaining Exile teamed up with Immortals but also attacked us at the same time... anyhow we pushed south to LoD home and as Immortals play " ball deep "... The  force were no match for LoD.. who fell to the ground at the sight of us.

Many thanks for Ryco for the invite.. was a great night and will be up for more in the future.