Darkfall Rise of Agon

Furion a posted Feb 1, 16

What is Rise of Agon?

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is a fantasy MMORPG combining competitive first person combat with a dynamic sandbox environment. Battle with thousands of players in full loot, open world PvP and put your skills to the test in epic sieges and naval battles.

Competitive First Person Combat

Aim every arrow you shoot, every spell you cast, and every swing of your sword. Player skill alone determines the winner in competitive, twitch-based combat

Open World Full Loot PvP

Put your hard earned riches and reputation on the line in open world full loot PvP. Use the terrain to your advantage and destroy your enemies with superior battlefield strategies

Empire Building and Conquest

Expand the reach of your empire’s influence with player-created cities and villages. Form strategic alliances and conquer competing clan’s territories in intense siege warfare.

Unrestricted Skill Based Progression

Play how you want with unlimited skill combinations and zero class restrictions. Become a feared fighter, wealthy trader, or thieving pirate based on your actions alone.

Endless Exploration and Adventure

Explore the open world of Darkfall with zero zone restrictions. Take to the seas as a lawless pirate, command a naval fleet in epic battles, or challenge your skills in vast dungeons.

Dynamic Player Driven Economy

Battle for control of scarce resources and craft hundreds of unique items to arm yourself for combat. A rich player driven economy allows you to earn your fortune any way you see fit.

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