Day One Update

Ryco a posted Tue at 9:29

Immortals Day One Update

Wow what can I say, what a busy day! Thank you everyone that have been able to get in game so far we had a great turn out with a good number of players and great activity.

Safe to say that the first day was always going to be a bit hectic and stressful while we pushed to get a Guild territory in the red zone and I’m pleased to announce that Immortals were one of the early clans to claim a new home! Gratz all.

Our new building territory and home is in a red zone (yay bring on the PVP) in Brigands Bend and sharing this cluster with us are our allies LCH and also a couple of other potentially enemy neighbours, Brazukas and Zero Quality.

If you’re starting the game today or tomorrow then you need to complete your basic starter quests (make a set of leather armour, some tools, a sword and shield and then head to the starter town. At the starter town you want to catch a boat to western camp. You will need to kill a couple of humanoid mobs to get silver and the more you carry on the board the more expensive it is so just take the bare essentials and don’t take anything out of your in game mail.  From Western camp head north east to Scythe skull and then South east into Brigands Bend. Our territory is the blue one on the mini map.

Now the initial land rush is over we can settle into the game and take it a little more in our stride, people can start to craft their own gear and those that have become specialist crafters can have a go at other aspects of the game, PVP, PVE as well as continue to craft and vice versa.

Its very much a sandbox game without quests but the guild will be providing direction and as you learn the game more you will naturally learn what we need to do next etc.. to help those that are unsure a "Current Objective" will  be posted in the following areas:

1. Team speak pop up as you log in
2. The Team speak channel name "Current Objective - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
3 The Guild Message of the day which is displayed when you log in game.

For example at the moment we need T1, T2 and T3 Stone and Wood so that we can get the building up to Tier 3 on our Guild Territory, Once this is done then everyone in the guild can move from the starter town to our new home which will be the guild territory in Brigands Bend.

A personal island is a good place to build your personal house along so you can start to use "worker NPC" but don’t build anything else on your island appart from potentially upgrading it to a Level 2 island and then building a farm as the guild will really need food and the farm can be used to grow crops. Other then the farm and house everything else you need will be in the guild territory which is where everyone needs to base themselves.

Last but not least as well as crafting/ gathering and upgrading the guild territory buildings make sure you all run dungeons to unlock the ability to use better gear and also keep the guild bank topped up so we can do things like claim other territories, initiate GVG fights and also invest in materials for important fights.

Hope this helps and see you on the battlefield.


keyxmakerx Yea, I was really excited to see we had managed to get a land this early. Hopefully with the next rush of players we wil ...